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Single Pedal & Control Module, Model FP10J Model FP10J includes control module with dual input jacks (FPMJ2) and single foot pedal (FS007MP)

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 Pedal(s) front hinged, low-profile, force-adjustable.
 USB plug and play: no special drivers needed to use or to
reprogram the device on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, Chrome.
 Pedal actions defined by a tiny, editable text file residing on a
memory chip in the device. It becomes visible on a “virtual
removable disk” which is created in programming mode.
 Default programming performs mouse button actions;
reprogrammable to perform keyboard actions and macros,
including mouse double click.
 Custom factory programming available (may cost extra).
 Reprogrammable waterproof* (IPX8) versions available.
 ETL-recognized component (US & Canada), UL 60601-1 for nearpatient use** (IPX1 and IPX8 waterproof models).