Embedded World Tour Finished

2016,03,08 Taipei, Taiwan —– Embed ACQU Group Partners in a GOOD Relationship through Embedded World!!

During the Embedded World, ACQU Group accompanied our partners to visit Taiwan industrial PC manufacturers. Through the meetings, our partners have more understanding of the trend of Taiwan industrial PC better, and very impressed that ACQU Group and other manufacturers maintain such a good relationship too. In the meantime, ACQU Group also recognizes what is the best for our partners' projects and what we can do for that best.

Besides of the Embedded World, ACQU Group also visited our long term partners in German. We update them the information regarding Taiwan industrial PC and discussed the projects they are doing.

ACQU Group always brings the best of the best to our customers. In addition, we keep making progress in Industrial PC industry, a field that changes day by day, and ACQU Group has the responsibility to catch up with the changes.